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Niekas #15

  • March 1966
  • 66 pp.
  • Felice Rolfe, Ed Meskys, eds.
  • Artwork

  • Dennis Smith (front cover)
  • Diana Paxton, Jurgen Wolff, Ray Nelson, Ran Scott, Jack Harness, Jack Gaughan and Dian Pelz
  • Diana Paxton (back cover)
  • Tolkien Contents

  • no known Tolkien related content
  • Other Contents

  • “Patterns” by Diana Paxson
  • “Marchin’ Barnacles” by Carl Frederick
  • “Throw Him to the Barnacles!” by Nan Braude
  • “Fantasies for Children and Other People” by Charlie & Marsha Brown, Ruth Berman and Meskys
  • “We Happy Few” by John Boardman
  • “The Function of Myth in the Psychic Economy of Modern Man” by Stanislaus Riukas
  • “The Two Cultures: A Review” by Ray Nelson
  • “Keepingism” by Wallace West
  • “SF Around the World: Italy Revisited” by Riccardo Valla
  • “The Ivory Tower,” fanzine reviews by Ben Solon
  • “Review and Comment” book reviews by Lester Anderson, Steve Perrin, Bruce Robbins, Jerry Pournelle and Ed Wood
  • “Late Night Impressions” by Harry Sanders
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