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Palantiren is a publication for fairy tales, myths and fantasy, but also for SF, skräck (don't know where that stands for, the translation is 'fear'. Some kind of thriller or horror-stuff I guess?) and cyberpunk. For many years, Palantiren was a publication of Hirgon's guild in Forodrim. Most published material is written by members of Forodrim, but also others have contributed, and are welcome to contribute.

It appears that (at least for Nya Palantíren) this is a fiction fanzine only (no critique, commentary, reviews, etc.)

  • 1972: publication of the first issue, in the same year as the founding of Forodrim.
  • 1972 - 1987: publication of 44 issues (including three double issues). Some of them where hardcover, others softcover.
  • 1987: changes to an annual, with beautiful colour illustrations. By 1991 five of such yearbooks were published. Then the publication stopped for a time.
  • 1994: Revival of Hirgon's Guild with a new editor. Under the name Nya Palantíren two issues in A4-format were published, with beautiful frontcovers in color.
  • 1998: Re-revivial of Nya Palantíren with a new editor as a web only publication.

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