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Parma Nölé no. 6

Spring/Summer 2003

  • Letters from the Chairman and Co-chair of the Heren Istarion
  • BALROGS AND FLYING MONKEYS: The Dark Side of Tolkien by Ginger Wages
  • An Interview with Howard Shore Conducted by the Staff of Heren Istarion, with contributions from the President of The Gathering of the Fellowship
  • In Defense of Moots by Sabrina Jackson
  • Musings on Myth by Jessica Burke
  • The Gods Return to Earth by C. S. Lewis Source: Time and Tide, August 14, 1954, pp. 1082-83
  • A Review of Gary Russell's The Art of the Two Towers by Anthony S. Burdge
  • Tolkien Word Search by Stephanie Kushner
  • Taking on Tolkien: Peter Jackson Brings the Epic Novel to the Screen an excerpt from the program booklet of The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers: The Exhibit
  • To See, or Not to See ...That is the Question The Black Gate Approacheth...One Fan's Movie Anxieties by Ginger Wages
  • "Who would be a hobbit round" A poem by Constance Schuchardt
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