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Helm's Deep Tankard

  • Royal Selangor
  • Item no. 272106
  • 14.5 cm tall
  • $119 retail
  • "Capturing the moment just before battle, the tankard features armies of vicious orcs along with the wild men of Dunland, who having halted their first assault, await orders for the next attack. Barring the army's advance is the imposing, 20 foot high Deeping Wall, upon which runs a parapet hiding the defence of Rohan. The enemy's army has not yet advanced upon the Hornburg-gates and the causeway still stands empty. A small culvert is visible at the base of the Deeping Wall, from which the Deeping-stream flows out. Beyond, the mighty fortress of Hornburg stands tall and defiant.

    Celtic inspired bands decorate the upper and lower rims of the tankard. The upper rim motif is interspersed with detailed likenesses of the orcs."

    Last modified: 12/17/06 by Urulöké
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