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Uruk-hai Swordsman

  • Item No. 9442
  • Limited Edition of 2000
  • $60 retail
  • Artist: Greg Tozer
  • 9" H
  • 5 pounds

"The climax of Saruman's campaign against the Rohirrim was the Battle of Helm's Deep. In this bloody siege, the once great and wise Wizard, now hopelessly fallen to the will of darkness, sent down upon the Rohan people a great host of Uruk-hai warriors. Bred in secret beneath his fortress, and armed for war by the foundries of Isengard, the Uruk-hai bore into battle the heraldry of the White Hand, Saruman's emblem and the banner of his treachery.

The Uruk-hai Swordsman is brilliantly captured in this 1:4 scale bust. It has been hand cast in heavy weight polystone and hand painted to the highest standards. It sits on a classically turned base that includes his full name and the sculptor's signature." (from Sideshow Collectibles)

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