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The Morgul Lord (Witch-King)

  • Item No. 9338
  • Limited Edition of 9500
  • $200 retail
  • Artist: Brigitte Wuest
  • 16.5" H x 9" W x 14" D
  • 10 pounds

"Greatest of the dark servants of Sauron, known to Men as the Ringwraiths or Nazgûl, the Witch-king was his master’s lieutenant in the field and Lord of the cursed fortress of Minas Morgul. When the Dark Lord sent his armies against Gondor, the Witch-king flew above them as their chief upon his huge fell beast and it was said that by the hand of no mortal man could he be slain. Amid the carnage of the Battle of Pelennor, the Morgul Lord fell upon King Théoden of Rohan and flung him to the ground, but as he stooped for the kill a lone brave soldier stepped between them." (from Sideshow Collectibles)

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