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Multiple tobaccoists have produced special limited edition tins of tobacco, including for NASPC (North American Society of Pipe Collectors) since 1998(?), with the permission of the Tolkien Estate (at least JFM has thanked the Tolkien Estate for cooperation).

Just For Him Middle-earth line website
Just For Him Tins

  • Old Toby Tobacco - 1998
  • Longbottom Leaf Tobacco - 1999
  • Treebeard Tobacco - ?
  • Shortcut To Mushrooms Tobacco - ?
  • The Ruins of Isengard Tobacco - ?

  • G. L. Pease Tins
  • Southern Star Tobacco - 2000
  • Southfarthing Tobacco - 2001
  • Southlinch Tobacco - 2002
  • Smaugweed Tobacco - 2003
  • Aragorn Tobacco - 2004
  • Wizard's Leaf Tobacco - 2005
  • Isengard Tobacco - 2006
  • Shelob's Lair Tobacco - 2006
  • Fellowship I and II Tobacco - 2007
  • Blend of the White Hand Tobacco - 2008
  • The G. L. Pease website. Many thanks to Jan (FANGORN) for bringing these to my attention and providing many images, and to G. L. Pease for permission to reproduce images and text from his website.

    ThePipeRoom.com produced a blend called "Middle Earth" blend that they have since renamed to "King Arthur" for legal reasons. If anyone runs across a picture of the older packaging and can send it my way, I would appreciate it. Another blend name they have released is "Gändëlf" (evidently labeled "Gandalf" on the actual packaging, which again I have not seen). Clearly they like to skirt the fringes of copyright law. They also produce other fantasy blends, including one called "Elfin Journey" and "dëlf" (Dark Elfin Blend) that are not directly Tolkien related but show the direction they are thinking.

    There is a shop in New Hampshire called Middle Earth.

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