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Lost articles

| Filed under: Collecting NewsUrulöké | September 25, 2012 @ 12:25 am (Views: 63731)

The last few months of news articles were modified to spam content, and I am currently not able to replace them from backup. I am in the process of making sure that the site is locked down a little better, but there have been instances of valid user accounts posting spam so

Change your password for your account if it is something simple to guess.
Change your password on other sites if you use the same password here.

Hopefully we can keep TCG up against this current onslaught! I may have to disable new account creation for a little while, if I see a need for that. Please email me if you see anything strange on the site, and I will be emailing some of you if I think your account has been compromised.


UPDATE: all articles have been replaced (by hand, from the RSS feed cache) and backed up again. Fingers crossed, [this] hole is plugged!


  1. Comment by Morgan:

    Many thanks for all your efforts, Jemery!

  2. Comment by Morgan:

    Jeremy, I mean! :)

  3. Comment by Urulókë:

    Thanks Morgan! I really appreciate the whole community supporting each other (in Tolkien collecting, and in helping keep this website running and useful).

  4. Comment by Khamûl:

    It's definitely useful. If you ever scrap it, or stop maintaining it --I'll hunt you down... ;)

  5. Comment by Urulókë:


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