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Re: Map of Middle Earth 1970 1st Impression

Subject: Re: Map of Middle Earth 1970 1st Impression
by Parmastahir on 2009/1/17 5:33:33

I'm no expert on this map or its value. But as there have been no other replies, I'll offer this comment. It is worth whatever you and a seller agree upon. Please do not think that I am being sarcastic. It may be difficult to put a value on it because it is an uncommon item. I search eBay A LOT for items and don't recall it coming up recently. An advanced search there did not turn up any (or even any similar ones) in any current auctions or at any eBay stores. So it's at least uncommon if not rare (a word used far too frequently on eBay.) Condition can add or detract from an item's value. If it were folded rather than stored flat or rolled up in a tube, that will hurt its value as will tears, creases, holes (usually from pinning to a wall), foxing or stains, etc. It's a nice item. Should you decide to part with it, I'd suggest eBay. You get a large audience and you can set a minimum price to pry it from you. But what that minimum is . . . ?

Away from The Green Hill Country,

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