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Facimile Red Book and more

Subject: Facimile Red Book and more
by Urulöké on 2010/1/27 22:46:14

Hári István sent me the following - the books and materials look very nice!

Let me introduce something that I think you are interested in. A couple of years ago I have read the LOTR for my children before they went to bed. I had a question then: how may look that book that Bilbo and Frodo wrote their stories in, the book that was copied and guarded but that was vanished and lost. It was called Red Book. Its story is spoken by Mr. Tolkien in the foreword of the LOTR. I imagined a thick, handwritten book, a really rough one. I decided to make my own version and started to work. This book has taken me three and half years to write. Details of the book: The Tales From Middle-Earth (its sub-title: Homage to Tolkien) contains the text of The Hobbit, the Fellowship of the Ring, the Two Towers and The Return of the King in two volumes. Their weight cca. 9,5 kg. They are leather bound, with corners and clasp made of copper. It includes all the paintings (the Hobbits accross-the-water, the Lord of the Eagles, Bilbo comes to the Reft-elves, the Conversation with Smaug) & drawings (the Trolls, the Mountain-path, The Misty Mountains looking West, The Elvenking's Gate, the Lake Town, The Front Gate, The Hall at Bag-End) by Tolkien - and remade by me. Included are also the Map of Wilderland (by Tolkien) and the Map of Middle-Earth (by Shelly Sapiro).

Special insets:
1. The letter from Gandalf to Frodo that came to his hand too late in
Bree, sealed with his ornamental 'G'-rune
2. Thor's map
3. The letter that was written to Bilbo by Thorin.

There are a couple facsimile versions of this work. One of them contains the Hobbit only. These book are (almost) the rarest, and, maybe, the most beautiful ones that were ever made, I think. Preciousses. No more words about that. I really hope you'll find it well enough to visit my little website (http://www.manuscript.fw.hu), and see the
images of my work.

Best regards
Hári István

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