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Re: Poster Maps, illustrated by Pauline Baynes and JRRT

Subject: Re: Poster Maps, illustrated by Pauline Baynes and JRRT
by Jlong on 2011/8/10 11:58:15

Yes, they are all worth different amounts, depending on condition and printing (as well as scarcity). If they are in near mint condition and first printings, they will be the most valuable. I own the Bilbo's Last Song (not a first printing) and Map of Middle-earth. I treasure them both. These two are more difficult to come by because they are older and generally more difficult to acquire.

I'm not familiar with the Beleriand and Wilderland posters, so someone else will have to comment on those.

The "Bilbo Comes to the Huts of the Raft Elves" and "Drawings for The Hobbit" are rather common but I'm guessing they are still worth about $20-$50 each.

The Bilbo's Last Song and Map of Middle-earth would probably go for more like $50-$100 each, depending on condition and printing. I bought a copy of the Map of Middle-earth still in the plastic (almost brand new, first printing) for $104.50 in 2010 on eBay. In 2007, I bought the Bilbo's Last Song poster (mint condition, later printing) for GBP 6.60 ($10) on eBay.

I hope this helps. If you are planning on selling them, your best bet is probably list them on eBay.
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