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Re: Heren Istarion calendar

Subject: Re: Heren Istarion calendar
by Parmastahir on 2008/1/8 18:48:04

When did you place your order?

I sent out the first printing on Monday, 17 December. I know that René/Tolkienwinkel received his in only three days and that Colin Williams in Australia received his in good condition. You most certainly should have received yours by now. If you have not, I PERSONALLY guarantee that you will get one and at no additional cost to you. Just let me know who you are via the email address on my website and I will take care of it.

If you ordered subsequent to that, I got a new list of orders from Jessie at HI last week. My daughter is printing 30 more this week and I will assuredly be sending them out as soon as I can get them from her. These will most likely (with my work schedule and having to address and post them all) go out on Saturday morning.

We are printing these somewhat on demand to minimize cost/maximize return to HI. To minimize the number of printings that my daughter does, we are doing one when we have enough orders to justify the effort. Also, Malcolm at the Tolkien Society UK had expressed interest in ordering some for their members. However, he has not followed up on it and that caused us to hold off a bit longer than we would have wished while he made up his mind. Sorry for the delay.

There should be no such issues next year. I have already lined up two illustrators for a 2009 calendar. Thus, I am about 10 months ahead of this year's project which was suggested only late in October and mailed on 17 December. I am nevertheless pleased with the result and perhaps most particularly so because of the relatively short time it took to bring it to fruition. My hat is off to Ted and Jef and Megan for their efforts to get this done and with such quality in so short a time.

In any case, thank you both for your patience and your support of HI. Jessie and Anthony do a very good job with that society and I am pleased to have had some role in this project to support their efforts. Besides it has been more fun than I could have imagined.

Please contact me at ANY time with any questions or comments or (especially) complaints. Your good will is worth more than any calendar could ever be (even one as good as this one!)

Away from The Green Hill Country,

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