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Thag you very buch!

Subject: Thag you very buch!
by Parmastahir on 2007/12/31 7:42:34

As 2007 draws to a close, I would be remiss if I did not send a great, big "THANK YOU" to all who have supported my quest during this and previous years. I can not see how any year could top 2007. With the support (and keen eyes) of many, I have now been able to catalog 51 new/previously unknown (to me, anyway!) calendars and collect an astonishing 47 of them!!! As the total number of calendars/variants now stands at 270, adding 51 to the 219 that I knew of at the end of 2006 is an increase of 23%.

Of course, one of those calendars was the Heren Istarion calendar which worked on. It was great to work with Ted Nasmith and Jef Murray and my daughter to create it. I am very pleased with the comments that buyers have sent (all most positive).

Also, I note that there are 100 posts in this thread and that the views have now gone over 10,000. The posts I can understand as I write something here at least once/month. But the number of views? While I am gratified by the number, I find it hard to believe that many find this subject as interesting as I (or at least of enough interest to check in). Therefore, I will attribute it to the many supporters "out there" who are looking out for me and keeping me informed. For this, I am very grateful.

I hope that 2007 was good to you and that 2008 will be even better!

Away from The Green Hill Country,

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