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Henning's Calendar

Subject: Henning's Calendar
by Parmastahir on 2006/12/15 16:29:35

I received an email from Henning about the calendar that was titled "+RIP+ birthday calendar +RIP+":

today was supposed to be THE big day I was to receive the long expected birthday calendar.
I had talked with the owner of the printing plant several times during the past three weeks, being reassured that everything was in good order and there would be no problems delivering my calendar today.
On Tuesday I tried to check on the progress. The phones were off. Not operating. I had been told that they had just moved the business to a new location, so I first figured that they had installed some excellent new telephone connection that hardly ever works. Newspapers here are full with it. Today I managed to talk to the publisher of the Dutch Purefantasy magazine who also worked with the same printer and was informed that that business had gone bankrupt.
very small chance the owner would have found a way to carry under a different name. Not impossible, just very unlikely ...
No idea why he has repeatedly given me falso hope.

I really have no idea what to do next. Delivering anything before Christmas now seems impossible.
There always is a spark of hope. I know I am dreaming and can´t rely on any lucky coincidences ...

Just thought ... I´d let you all know. Should there be news ...

Anyway - hope you enjoy the calendar site as long as I can bear to keep it online:

You can see the illustrations via that link. I am hoping that this is a setback in time only. That is, I hope that Henning will still issue the calendar even if it is after the holidays or in the new year. I am certain that we all wish him luck (and success).

Who is Warrior of Rohan? I have not seen this user name before but you obviously know me!

Holiday Greetings to all.

Away from The Green Hill Country,

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