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Re: Various Calendars

Subject: Re: Various Calendars
by Parmastahir on 2010/6/6 3:49:10

Hi Garm -

I am very pleased to know that you find my site useful. I created it to be so. As you noted, it's a very specialized collection. So the number of collectors is small (and "we" all know who "we" are for the most part. But there seemed to be an influx of new people recently if I interpret a flurry of activity/purchases of these calendars on eBay correctly.)

As to the 1974 A&U mailer: You can view a fully intact one on my website. Just go to its listing in the 1969-1974 section and click on the green "mailer" link. It has tear strip to open it. Some people did. I always separated the glued flap on the back and kept the mailer essentially intact.

I'll have to add your dainties to a list that I keep so I know (or can remember!) where copies of various calendars are. Hope I did not offend you when I mentioned selling your calendar. My intent was not to get it from you. It was an offer to put you in contact with other calendar collectors and avoid the costs associated with eBay and PayPal. Some people get very incensed about mere suggestion of parting with any of their Tolkienalia.

Congratulations on the 1998 S.T.I. That's another goodie. I keep mine in Tyvek envelopes.

Away from The Green Hill Country,

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