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BBC Mastermind questions

Subject: BBC Mastermind questions
by Trotter on 2010/2/12 12:48:47

No cheating (looking up on Wikipedia, etc) here are the questions

1 - In which city was Tolkien born on 3rd January 1892?

2 - While at King Edward's school Tolkien formed the semi secret society called the TCBS. What does TCBS stand for?

3 - In which village, often cited as one of the inspirations for the shire did he live for 4 years from 1896?

4 - What was the name of the Allen & Unwin employee who encouraged Tolkien to finish the manuscript of "The Hobbit" and submit it for publication?

5 - Which short story published in 1949 tells of a characters encounters with a giant and the dragon Chrysophylax?

6 - In the "Return of the King" which battle takes place between Hobbits and Sharkey's thugs in the Shire?

7 - Tolkien and his friend C.S, Lewis and Charles Williams were members of an informal literary group that met regularly in a public house in Oxford. What was the group called?

8 - "The Road Goes Ever On" is a song cycle featuring Tolkien's words set to music by which composer and entertainer?

9 - What is the name of the Golden Hall of the King of Rohan built by Brego at the heart of the city of Edoras?

10 - What disease transmitted by body lice did Tolkien catch while he was serving on the Western Front in 1916 resulting in his return to England on sick leave?

11 - Which birthday does Bilbo Baggins celebrate at the beginning of "The Lord of the Rings"?

12 - Which Smith of Eregion forged the three rings of the Elves?

13 - Which chapter of "The Hobbit" did Tolkien largely rewrite between 1937 and 1951 making Gollum's character fit better with the betrayal of him in "The Lord of the Rings"?

14 - Tolkien often referred to himself and his wife by the names of which two middle-earth characters, the names also appeared on their gravestones?

15 - What name was given to the three brilliant jewels made by Fëanor which contained the light of the two tree which were stolen by the Valor, Melkor?

16 - Which editor of "The Oxford English Dictionary" did Tolkien succeed as Professor of Anglo-Saxon at Oxford in 1925?

(Started so he finished)

She got 14 answers correct on the program.
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