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Re: Antiques Roadshow from Hopetown in Scotland

Subject: Re: Antiques Roadshow from Hopetown in Scotland
by garm on 2010/3/28 0:59:39

Thanks for the link to the Remington interview; it's very illuminating. I like to read about how artists come to do their work, though the story behind these book covers is a little unusual (!) I like this part:

>Barbara shared this little secret. “If you look at the art of the three books it’s really one big picture. Hold the covers next to each other, and fold them back just so, and you’ll see.”

“You didn’t draw three separate pictures?”

“No, it was one picture which was divided and used for the three books.”

I mention how such news might drive up the value of these books on EBay? We shared a laugh. <

Of course, we afficianados have known about this for decades, but I wouldn't mind betting some vendor would try shoving up prices on 'discovering' this fact!

Unlike Tolkien's opinion of her, I have a soft spot for Remington and have done so ever since I heard that she wrote an apologetic letter to Tolkien after reading LotR, enclosing a real olive branch!

On the collecting front: I have multiple copies of the Ballantine ed. of LotR with Remington covers, including a couple of boxed sets; and of course the Hobbit, with and without the lion. I actually like the lion; he has a friendly face!

And to cap it, I also have a set of Ace paperbacks. Gaughn's covers might be weird, but they're fun!
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