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Re: My bookshelves

Subject: Re: My bookshelves
by Findegil on 2010/8/26 5:19:35

Returning to this thread, while still recovering from a hard drive crash Saturday, our English-language Silmarillions run to about 8 linear feet, not counting working copies and those contained in boxed sets shelved elsewhere. (The Silmarillion in translation runs to about the same extent again.)


I do have 4 sets of the Tolkien Companion and Guide, which is rather peculiar. Don't get me wrong; the 2 volume set is indispensable, but do I really need 4 sets? I think I had planned to sell some of these on eBay at some point but never got around to it. I guess that is the case with a number of extra copies I have lying about.

Peculiar? No, no, everyone should have (at least) four sets of the Companion and Guide. Scatter them around the house, so that one is always close at hand for easy reference. We could recommend some other books too, coincidentally by the same authors, that should be bought in multiple copies.


I'm very interested in its printing, publication, and dissemination 'story' (although I almost exclusively derive this information, with all its pitfalls, from the books themselves; unlike W&C who have examined archives etc); as a result I've bought many, many copies of the 1977 edition.

Archives are important, but what you're doing is good, solid 'real world' research, and to be applauded.


In your list of books,

* Hawaii knock-off
* US Ballantine - bog-standard, as far as I know

. . .

* one with a label saying "Final Setting"

. . .

* Tawain knock-off.

In regard to the 'Hawaii knock-off', is that not a Taiwanese pirate? Our copy appears to be. For 'Ballantine' you mean 'Houghton Mifflin', as you have a hardcover, though Ballantine did have similar covers for their earliest paperback printings. We're curious to know what the 'Final Setting' label means in that A&U copy, if you know. And to be fair to the publisher of the Taiwanese edition at the end of the shelf - assuming that it's the same edition that we have, and not another variant - it's not a knock-off, since Allen & Unwin gave permission.

Thanks for the photos!

Wayne & Christina
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