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Re: Festival in the Shire Interview

Subject: Re: Festival in the Shire Interview
by Ardamir on 2010/7/3 0:51:48

I also think the following comment by him is interesting (I think he has a point here):

I fear a complacency and constraint both due to the global economic environment and from increased fractionalisation from the different Tolkien interests and fan areas. There are too many clubs more interested in “their Tolkien” and not “our Tolkien”. There is a genuine fellowship within these clubs, which is charming, and I believe in, but in their desire to preserve the fellowship of their club, they create an unintentional atmosphere of elitism and exclusion to new comers. This will ultimately destroy and not preserve the future for Tolkien’s works, the essence in which all fans love.

For example, as a long time Tolkien book fan I resented the Lord of the rings Films being made. However, I now see had they not been made, Tolkien fandom and its essence were at risk of dying out one generation to the next. The films have opened the door to millions of new fans, but we have not provided a vehicle of learning and education to develop them as new fans or to perhaps inspire them to create their own interpretations of Tolkien’s great works. There are too many barriers with more going up and not coming down. Their needs to be a one-world Tolkien, but the prejudice must be broken down first.

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