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Re: Festival in the Shire Interview

Subject: Re: Festival in the Shire Interview
by garm on 2010/7/3 2:14:43

>>There are too many clubs more interested in “their Tolkien” and not “our Tolkien”. There is a genuine fellowship within these clubs, which is charming, and I believe in, but in their desire to preserve the fellowship of their club, they create an unintentional atmosphere of elitism and exclusion to new comers.

I think that's nonsense - as regards the Tolkien Society anyway. I've been a member for years, and there is no air of elitism. Sounds like Mr Faith is using the old ploy of 'bigging up' his event by attempting to put down others. To my mind, the high ticket prices which Mr Faith is asking for this event might be seen as a form of exclusion.

>>For example, as a long time Tolkien book fan I resented the Lord of the rings Films being made. However, I now see had they not been made, Tolkien fandom and its essence were at risk of dying out one generation to the next.

On what does Mr Faith base this? The Lord of the Rings topped popularity polls four times between 1997 and 2000, without the aid of the movies. And even if 'fandom' were in danger, what grief would that be, ultimately? The novels of Sir Walter Scott were hugely popular in their day; now not so much. These things have a lifespan, and if they are genuinely loved they will last, with or without the hype of 'fandom'. As long as folk are genuinely interested in Tolkien and his writings, there'll be places like this site for us to go; new fans too. As for the Tolkien Society - we've been going for 40 years now (founded 1969). We're not on our last legs yet!

On another note - it seems to me that Mr Faith sets a lot of store in commercial success when it comes to book collecting. I was noodling around with some figures the other day - some time ago Mr Faith corrected the BBC- they'd said he was hoping for dozens of visitors; he said thousands. So, if we take it that the hoped for figure is, what, 2000? At £50.00 each, that would make a sales target of £100,000.

Whereas 2000 tickets at £260.00 would make for a little over half a million. Mr Faith has high hopes of this event - to my mind, taking swipes at folk might be shooting himself in the foot.
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