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Re: Recent Tolkien events

Subject: Re: Recent Tolkien events
by laurel on 2010/8/16 23:16:39

I went to the Edge of the Wild and had a great morning.

I arrived early and decided to find the Rollwright stones - approx 15 mins away. For those that are unaware these were Tolkiens inspiration for the Barrow Downs. In true fashion the weather was foggy and very wet, although upon reflection this really gave it a 'magical feel'.
Worthy of a visit if ever in area.

From there I made my way to Moreton for the first time.

The artwork was fantastic and myself and another member ? spent some time discussing which Ted Nasmith print was the best. This being said Ted did agree 'Entering Mirkwood' was his favourite - well kind of . After much pondering i couldnt make my mind and brought neither!

The 'Tolkein' section with letters and of course the now famous drawing was the highlight with some facinating family life background- brilliant.

Angela Gardners talk on the new book was very good and gave an interesting insight into her recent research.

Jef Murray and Ted Nasmith were more than open to have a chat and sign and doodle in books etc which was very nice. (Thanks for cat Jef).

And of course not forgetting the real highlight - meeting Trotter & garm of course.

Overall a great event - thanks to the organisers.
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