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Re: Recent Tolkien events

Subject: Re: Recent Tolkien events
by Stu on 2011/1/8 18:44:41

Trotter asked:
what do people think about Mark's claims on rare Tolkien items. " Rare Tolkien books remain one of the safest and consistent investments. While values rise sporadically, rarely if ever have they fallen. With the new film coming out, prices are bound to rise. Consider expanding your collection of art and books. " Do you agree?

To be honest, as soon as I read Mark's comment, I was irked. If he was selling a financial product, the "Prices are bound to rise" statement would actually be illegal (in Australia, anyway). In truth, the whole comment is garbage - In Australian terms, I can buy books today priced in Sterling for about half the price I could a couple of years ago, so you could say that values have effectively dropped by 50% (for me) just on the currency movement alone.

Pretty much any non-biased commentator believes that the trend is most likely to be for asset prices to (continue to) fall over the coming years. People will spend what little spare money they have on food, water and power (which are all going to increase in cost massively). Precious metals (real metal, not paper metal) are IMHO a far safer investment than books. I can find you a handful of people that want a super-deluxe, but I can find you a lot of people that want gold.

Like I always say, buy books because you like them, not because they are going to make you rich or protect your wealth.

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