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Re: Recent Tolkien events

Subject: Re: Recent Tolkien events
by Trotter on 2011/1/12 10:00:48

Mark's response

Festival in the Shire 2012 Per are last email message, we are planning it for mid-August, as before, in 2012 to fit in with the many overseas visitors coming to the 2011 Olympics. We are aware the Tolkien Society has an event same time. They had been in contact with the idea of working together, but never followed it up. We felt it would be better to work together, but no one would followup or messages so we gave up. As its holiday time and the many international visitors will be in country, the idea is to hold it just after the close of the Olympics on Monday the 13th and Tuesday 14th, possible part or all of the Wednesday 14th depending on how full the program becomes. This will allow those going on to the Tolkien Society event on the 16th some travel time. The decision to postpone this years was due to the poor global economic situation as we felt fewer people could make it if held this year. If we obtain large sponsorship or donations, we can keep the ticket prices lower and may still be able to do it this August but we doubt it. Hopefully things will improve by 2012. Festival Art and Books The main funding (and original idea) came our sister companies business in rare Tolkien books and art, including fantasy art. Help support the Festival and the artist themselves by buying some originals, prints or pencil sketches. We are please to offer original concept pencil sketches from Rodney Matthews. This is a more affordable way to collect his originals. We now have a catalogue of his wroks so pelase ask for a copy. He has over 600 so not all are shown. More will be added. Visit www.festivalartandbooks.com to see the current stock for sale as well as stock form other artists we represent. Festival Journal and Sponsors Our hope is to re-start the journal latter this year to begin profiling new Tolkien related works; academic activity, new books, original art and news in collecting. It was very costly to produce the journal and we had to discontinue when we received few subscriptions (thanks to those who did). The next journal and festival will depend on advertising sponsorships, donations and investors, While the first event was not financially successful, we have high hopes the next one will especially with the new Hobbit film imminent by then. If you have money to invest and are looking for an interesting opportunity, please contact us. Essentially we’ll be offering shares in Festival in the Shire Ltd. If you have any questions or would like to be removed from our mailing list, please email faith@festivalintheshire.com Best wishes, Mark Faith Managing Director

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