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Re: Recent Tolkien events

Subject: Re: Recent Tolkien events
by Trotter on 2011/5/2 2:32:03

Latest email from Mark Faith

"Festival in the Shire and Festival Art and books News

Pre-view Event

Mark your calendars for August 19-21st , 2011. We are holding a 3-day Festival preview event at the Wynnstay Arms in Machynlleth with plans for a “mini-festival” along side (if we can get additional venue space). The pre-view event will comprise and exhibition of original art and prints as well as Tolkien books, with Rene from the Tolkien Shop in Leiden bringing lots of stuff. We will have many of the artist we represent on hand. More announcements to be made. We have had offers of music, talks and fan activities if again we can sort out nearby venue space. The Wynnstay Hotel is not large enough. The pre-view exhibtion event will go ahead either way even if we don’t hold the mini-festival so plan to come and support our artists. We still plan the main Festival in the Shire for summer 2012.

Art and Book Gallery

In addition to other exhibitions planned for this spring and summer, we will have a regular exhibition of art and books most Wednesdays (market day) in the Wynnstay. Hours are approximately 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. At other times, we offer viewings of originals and limited prints in our private gallery. Please email faith@festivalartandbooks.com for an appointment.

New Artists

If you follow us on Facebook, you will have heard we now represent Roger Dean and Tim Kirk. We are in talks with several other well-known artists. We are still working on Tim’s catalogue, but you can find some of Roger’s works and signed posters on our website. For a list of Roger’s originals for sale, please ask. Although Roger is not known for his Tolkien work, he was genuinely inspired by Middle-earth, as were many people of the era. He has a Gollum painting he produced in his early days.

New Tolkien Works from Rodney Matthews

We are thrilled to offer Rodney’s latest Tolkien inspired works comprised of themes from the Hobbit. (Several of these are Smaug). He is up to five new sketches and still counting. Rodney’s sketches are completed works in all their grand detail, not vague working concepts. From these sketches, he produces the final color pieces in pen, ink, airbrush and gouache. If interested in buying the color finals you can either wait for completion or pay only half price by commissioning the final beforehand. This is a form of risk-share where if Rodney knows he has a buyer, he discounts the final price heavily.

Starving artist

At the best of times, being a fantasy artist is a risky career, even for well-known names with iconic works. In a recession, non-essentials like art expenditure are the first thing to be cut back. Our artists derive most of their income from being artist and are feeling the spending cuts heavily right now. We only earn a small commission on sales and the artist gets the rest. Buying fantasy art supports the artist, but also the genre fantasy or what is sometimes called neo-surrealism. I personally find much modern art a joke; not art at all, but fad and fashion. Fantasy art in my opinion is art you can truly enjoy, over an over. If you do not support fantasy art by buying originals or prints, the artist cannot make a living and will find other pursuits. At the very least, they stop producing new fantasy work and pursue other art interests. If this continues, there will be no new art and he genre will die out for lack of support. Help support our artist, buy something today! See the attached and visit- http://www.festivalartandbooks.com/ to see photos. Under the search field on the website just type in the artist name as “author”. If you would like a color catalogue of these artists, please ask. For being on our mailing list, please take 10% off the prices shown.

Best wishes,


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