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Re: Lucky finds

Subject: Re: Lucky finds
by laurel on 2012/11/11 23:33:07

I have put this under lucky finds as it is for me

Am sure a lot of us have had that 'excited' feeling when you eventually track a book down and successfully buy it only then to have to wait for the post to come?

That happened to me last week. I finally got my hands on a deluxe 1987 Hobbit 135/500. Been after a copy for years without spending high £100's. Finally I was lucky enough to spot one in auction in Ireland.

Placed my bid and low and behold I won it at less than I would have gone up to. It arrived last week and what a lovely book it is. Any of you guys that have one will know exactly what I mean. It has now gone into my top 3 of Tolkien owned book.

The feel and smell of the leather is wonderful and is a real pleasure to own.

With lucky finds seemingly disappearing at moment this came as a bolt out of the blue. For anyone interested I know of another one which will be readvertised next month so keep eyes out if after this edition.
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