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Re: Lucky finds

Subject: Re: Lucky finds
by Beren on 2012/12/16 14:44:22

I agree on most of the posts here! Thanks guys... I'm happy with criticism on the manner of selling, on all other items as well (I don't care about the garden decoration or woodridings sign - wished he did not sell those - I can't find any evidence for them being Tolkien's), but in my research I know this is the fireplace that Tolkien did commission and was made like this (this design) on his request. Any Adam Style fireplace in this condition and material is worth on the current market around 35 to 40K. Sticking the name Tolkien on it may indeed add some value... for example some books I own are worth around 3K, but since they are from Tolkien's personal library they sell easily at double their value.

If you want I have located many other pieces from the house (like chairs, tables, closets,... ) - and these can probably be bought as well at the right price. But they are in hands from people who knew Tolkien and lived close to him. Talking with them I know much that was and was not... it is fun to research stuff like this. Many speculations and many stories (some sound logic others take on fairy status). I don't want to discuss stuff like this, if I ever get round to finishing on studying the topic of the house I will tell all about it, but for now it is just a fun project.
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