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Re: Lucky finds

Subject: Re: Lucky finds
by Stu on 2012/11/12 20:39:03

laurel wrote:
I have put this under lucky finds as it is for me

Am sure a lot of us have had that 'excited' feeling when you eventually track a book down and successfully buy it only then to have to wait for the post to come?

That happened to me last week. I finally got my hands on a deluxe 1987 Hobbit 135/500. Been after a copy for years without spending high £100's. Finally I was lucky enough to spot one in auction in Ireland.

Placed my bid and low and behold I won it at less than I would have gone up to. It arrived last week and what a lovely book it is. Any of you guys that have one will know exactly what I mean. It has now gone into my top 3 of Tolkien owned book.

The feel and smell of the leather is wonderful and is a real pleasure to own.

With lucky finds seemingly disappearing at moment this came as a bolt out of the blue. For anyone interested I know of another one which will be readvertised next month so keep eyes out if after this edition.

Oddly, I have this book and I actually don't really like it that much. There seems to be a lot of variation in the shade of the dye on these (some being bright green and some being much darker). I'll hang onto it, but I have much cheaper books that I'm more fond of.

Edit: I looked at it again last night. I think a problem for me is all the variation of greens used (not on different copies, but across the whole "package"). The bright green used for the bulk of the slipcase just doesn't sit well with the darker green of the book, and is a pretty ugly green. I accept that I am in the minority, not liking this edition, though :)
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