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Re: Bookshelf arrangements

Subject: Re: Bookshelf arrangements
by Urulöké on 2011/1/24 15:39:55

Thanks for the question loonka and making sure it didn't die on the vine, Khamul.

There are a few main factors in how my books are arranged:

My house layout drives a particular arrangement: I have barrister shelves (antique, glass door, modular, way oversized) in the bedroom, where the windows and curtains are never opened. The oversized books as well as anything valuable and/or sensitive to light go here.

The living room has the bulk of my shelving, but it also has a huge skylight. While UV protection is available, I don't trust it to be 100% effective, so more of the reading copies or books that move in and out quickly go here.

All in all, they are arranged mostly by size and time they were aquired. I don't move everything around to fit additional HoME books into the same section, for example, they just go where there is currently significant space. I am sure anyone not me is very frustrated when trying to find any particular book.

They are also arranged by size as much as possible, as Khamul notes. It is important to not have very tall and very short books shelved right next to each other, as you can get leaning or worse from the uneven support.

So there is my short answer.
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