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Re: Australia's "Biggest Hobbit Fan" celebrates his growing Tolkien collection

Subject: Re: Australia's "Biggest Hobbit Fan" celebrates his growing Tolkien collection
by Dior on 2011/6/24 17:48:45

Please don't rediscard all the Australian collectors, there aren't many of us, but still some that consider themsleves serious collectors

I dont know Peter Kenny, I'm sure that he is very proud of his collection. I watched the Collectors program a few weeks ago, and I was a little disappointed that the show concentrated on his movie related items not his books. The two editions of The Hobbit were nice though and I also wondered if the dustjackets were origianl.

I dont collect movie related items and the core of my collection is based on the books listed on Deagol's website. My collection is quite modest having aquired about two thirds of the books on Deagol's site, modest but still proud of what I have collected.

I wanted to collect so I could refer to the original sources and not being reliant on extracts or mis quotations in biographies and articles. I still don't think that this makes my collection more elite than someone collecting movie related items, just different. I must admit some of the statements in Peter Kenny's interview are pretty over the top, especially when you consider some of the collections held by some of the members of this website alone.

So, I am hoping that all Australian collectors aren't being tarred by the same brush, we are around. sometimes not all that vocal and actibe on the web, I haven't post much in the last few years, I have been kept up to date daily on this website, unfortnuately due to some eye surgury over the last year or so, I am a bit restricted (I hope this posting is readable without too many mistakes) but I'm still collecting slowly and hopefully in the future I might be able to get back to being more active on this site.

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