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Hobbit Translations

Subject: Hobbit Translations
by gololo on 2011/9/3 20:20:25

Hello everybody,

Let me present myself. I am a Spanish collector and my friends know me as Gololo (although that's not my real name ;-P). I have been collecting Hobbits since I was 18. That's... 13 years so far. I'm 31 now.

My collection started as a souvenir thing. Every time I visited a country, I would buy a copy of the Hobbit in the language of the country. But later on, I realized I would never get some copies, as there are some places it would be unlikely that I would ever visit (Faroe Islands, Iceland...). So I started gathering many hobbits through the Internet.

Right now, my collection sums 52 different translations. I have been in contact with The Hobbit Hunter and we kind of agreed that it's difficult to make a complete list. I would say I'm only lacking 2 more translations and 2 partial translations:

2 translations: Belarussian and Moldovan. Although Moldovan is considered by the majority of the linguists the same language as Romanian, the edition of 1987 is written with cyrillic alphabet and therefore, I would count it in.

2 partial translations: 1 page of the Hobbit has been translated into Latin and Silesian.

I've decided that I'll make my collection of whole books, so I'm not looking for the partial translations. But if anyone has a double copy of the Belarussian and the Moldovan editions and he/she is willing to sell... please let me know. It would make me very happy to finish my collection,, hehe!

By the way, if anyone wants to take a look, I made a small summary of my collection here: www.gololo.es/hobbit

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