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Re: Tolkien Museum in Switzerland

Subject: Re: Tolkien Museum in Switzerland
by Trotter on 2011/12/26 1:39:46

Mark Faith had commented on Beren's original story but the comment seems to be no longer available on the site.

"If this story remains live, you will find further comments on my Facebook page including those about your involvement in the past venture. I will not sit back and watch my ideas stolen and used by you and he for your own profilt! You both had the chance to work with me as we did from the start, but chose instead to leave all of us at Festival in the Shire hanging."

Beren had replied "This article is a translation of an article that was published by the Italian Tolkien Society. I have no involvement in the development of this Musuem, just like you I have visited it some times in the past when it was under construction. And so far as I know this museum is not being made for profit, but is there to promote Middle-earth and all things Tolkien. I'm happy you promote the same with the Festival in the Shire. Keep up the great work!"
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