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Re: Anyone read Book and Magazine Collector January 2004

Subject: Re: Anyone read Book and Magazine Collector January 2004
by Dior on 2006/6/13 3:48:59

Hi Jeremy,
I have a photocopy of an article from 'Book and Magazine Collector' which is 24 pages long. Unfortunately, I don't have the cover or the rest of the magazine, (the guy at my local secondhand book store gave me a copy), but I'm sure this is the one you are enquiring about.
The first article is titled: "J.R.R Tolkien: Author and Scholar" by David Doughan and Ian Collier.

The first thing which leaps out is a picture of Tolkien in his study with the map of Middle-earth on the wall to his right and a book shelf on the left. It's a pity that my copy is not all that clear because I would love to see the titles of the books. The photo is by Pamela Chandler and was taken in 1966. Other photos are of the cover of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings; some pictures from the films and a photo of the battle of the Somme. The article provides a Biography and is 8 pages long.

The next article is titled 'Survey of Current Values' by Crispin Jackson which looks at various prices paid for The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and Miscellania (8 pages). This is then followed by a UK bibliography and pricelist (4 pages).

There are some interesting prices quoted : The highest price of The Hobbit over the past two years (at time of publication) = 36000 pounds. The copy was torn and incomplete and adhesive tape marks to endpapers, spine slightly skewed etc. However it was a presentation copy, inscribed by Tolkien; "Aunt Jane from J.R.R.T. with love October 6th 1937".

The last article is by Ian Collier promoting the Tolkien Society (3 pages long).

The price list is probably only of minor reading interest, although could be worthwhile considering Jeremy's other posting "Should TolkienGuide track completed Ebay auctions".

Hope this is the article is question....feel free to ask any other questions relating to it

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