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Re: Unfinished Tales Hardcover from 2000

Subject: Re: Unfinished Tales Hardcover from 2000
by Stu on 2012/1/9 14:20:36

Khamul wrote:
Seriously. What an unutterable pile of stinking piddle. £156!? Some people have far, far too much money & absolutely no brains --either that, or they have serious issues with self control: Gotta keep bidding!!! --even though I know we passed the "what it's actually worth" value about a week ago... Mental. Totally mental.

To put in context, as Stu states --you can pick up a copy of PoME for this price. (I just bought a LotRs, 1 volume, 1969 Deluxe India Paper Edition for £149!)

Well, it's their money I suppose.


But I would argue that "Peoples" doesn't really make any sense for that price, either. It is expensive because someone decided to claim it was rare a few years back, even though it isn't rare at all. It is hard to rationalise the prices, because buying a book for 150 pounds simply isn't rational in any way, be it a relatively rate UT or PoME. I think, generally speaking, prices seem to be moderating a lot, and that can only be a good thing.

Still, if I got another chance to pick up a second copy of this sub 50 pounds, I definitely would (as I have two sets of HoME -- and it would be nice to complete the "B" set which I have on display).

Except for "my book buying days being over", of course (Doh!)

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