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Re: Unfinished Tales Hardcover from 2000

Subject: Re: Unfinished Tales Hardcover from 2000
by remy on 2012/1/9 14:40:08

Well just a different opinion from my perspective (since everyone seems to be in agreement that the price is too high).

Personally, I tend to buy/bid more on books primarily based on rarity. And since this particular edition of Unifinished Tales is probably one of the rarest of the modern Tolkien Editions, the final price is no surprise to me and I don't see the price as particularily high when compared to what other more common editions sell for.

If you only have an average of one copy a year come up for sale (and a multitude of Tolkien Collectors worldwide) why is £156 so surprising. And this is just one Ebay Auction which a limited number of collectors came across. I can imagine some collectors paying a lot more if a copy were listed on one of non-auction books sites (ABE, Amazon, Alibris etc). It may take a while to sell at a higher price, but it would sell.

Anyway my 2 cents - and just to add a different opinion. Too much harmony on this thread!!
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