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Re: Buying Tolkien

Subject: Re: Buying Tolkien
by laurel on 2012/4/26 22:44:16

Welcome – hope you become a more regular visitor again
Sounds like you have the Tolkien ‘bug’ again. Will try and give my views on some of your points.
Firstly if it's early LOTR &Hobbits you are after you will need two factors- a lot of patience and potentially deep pockets. As we have highlighted in this forum there are still bargains to be had though on various sites- you just have to find them and sometimes be very very quick and just in right place at right time. Even then it can be frustrating as sometimes a deal will get snatched from under your nose as a recent example highlights.
Q: When to buy? A: When it's right for you Id say? The film will have an impact but I think it will also draw lots onto the market. The LOTR film sent prices flying and whilst they have dropped in recent years I suspect this is recession Ied not a massive decline in interest but others may feel otherwise.
Q: What is collectible- A: Everything Tolkien (and NOT Tolkien!) by the looks of it. Suggest you choose an area and try best to stick to it but collect what you enjoy. It may be just Hobbits or the Silmarillion. Personally I like to try and find the ‘best’ copy of something and would rather not buy a book say without a dj and wait to find that elusive jacket copy.
Q Value? A: This has raised much debate in past and often we see crazy prices paid. Rarity and condition seems to drive this in the main as expected.
I would add one thought. Like you I thought I would never own that 1/1 set of LOTR but with persistence and not a lot of money you will still find bargains and find that set. ;)
Good luck in your search
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