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Re: Gift wish list

Subject: Re: Gift wish list
by Khamûl on 2007/12/16 0:45:48

I ain't got Drout's Encyclopedia so can't really comment on content. But at the time I remember thinking £100 for Drout's with a few poor reviews and some real problems with the text (typos etc); versus ~£32 (Amazon discounted) for the two volumes in C&G by Hammond & Scull -no contest!

I think Tolkien Studies are pretty good value for money, and are quite good (if like me) you don't want to (or don't have the time) to read an enormous amount of Tolkien criticism. Unfortunately they review loads of books which you then end up buying!

As for the Gift List -I don't have a family list (got my own wants obviously!); although my partner has bought me The Silmarillion - Thirty Years on. And, of course, I've just shelled out on the Super Deluxe CoH for myself (I think it came at a bad time of year...)

A Film Portrait of J R R Tolkien is an excellent video! Extensive interview(s) with Christopher Tolkien. I don't collect a lot of film media related Tolkien, but this is a must - content is superb.

I got the Hobbit Hx as they came out, rather than boxset. Still sitting in the 'to be read' shelf! Hammond & Scull's ...Blackwelder is also good; and inexpensive -another which fairs favourably to Drout's, costing about a third of the price. Great piece by Hammond on collecting.

But I'll have Deagol's 1982 Deluxe Silmarillion once he's finished admiring how well it slides into its slipcase! (just for a minute mind, to see the beauty of the thing...)

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