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Re: Gift wish list

Subject: Re: Gift wish list
by Urulöké on 2007/12/16 9:35:43

Don't know how I missed not having A Question of Time by Verlyn Flieger yet. Added to my list! (I've loved all of her other books so far that I have read.)

I also agree that the Tolkien Studies volumes are an excellent summary of the year past (well past, as the year reviewed bibliographically is two years behind publication) as well as enjoying the critical pieces. Only critique I have heard of the volumes is that the critical pieces tend to be heavily weighted to the editors of the volume.

For the Encyclopedia, I am also in agreement with you guys - it has flaws and is very pricey, and there are a couple of other books out around the same time that are more accessible and more immediately useful too (like the Companion and Guide.) I do think most of the flaws are being addressed online (on this website and similar) and there is useful critical work here that will quickly become inaccessible once the book is no longer available from the publisher (there are reportedly only 800 copies in print.) Should be a useful resource even given it's painful genesis and resultant flaws.

See Michael Drout's blog post on the topic.
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