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Re: [UK TV] The Worlds of Fantasy

Subject: Re: [UK TV] The Worlds of Fantasy
by Khamûl on 2008/3/8 2:02:25

The visual content, including documentary footage of Tolkien, was of great interest; even if the actual content of the programme (as you state) covered 'the same ground' as most documentaries.

The BBC documentary Tolkien in Oxford seemed to provide most of the footage. According to Hammond & Scull in C&G a portion of an interview done on that occasion is included in J.R.R. Tolkien: An Audio Portrait [and A Film Portrait of J.R.R. Tolkien], and has appeared in other documentaries about Tolkien. However the footage of some of the Tolkien in Oxford documentary, like Tolkien drinking, was new to me too!

In addition to footage from Tolkien in Oxford, there was also (earlier?) footage from The Bookstand. Although Tolkien didn't say much (in the question about the polarisation of characters to good or evil, he literally looks at the guy and says nothing! -quite amusing.) I'd never seen this footage either. In fact I don't see any mention of it in C&G at all in the Recordings entry! Had you seen (or even heard of) this interview Deagol?

Hammond & Scull state that other recordings made by the BBC of Tolkien's voice or image appear not to have been preserved. I'm guessing The Bookstand was also by the BBC(?) though. Footage just seems to keep coming up in the most (generally) worthless programmes!

Well worth watching...

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