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Re: Postcard addressed to Tolkien found

Subject: Re: Postcard addressed to Tolkien found
by Beren on 2008/7/10 13:44:55

Well and even the claim that I ever made an offer is false... I just let the contractor know I was interested in obtaining the fireplace (no amount mentioned). I think he then got curious and after finding the postcards and surfing on the internet believed he had found the holy grail...

I excitement he contacted the media and then somehow the story grew larger then it actually is. The postcard is not worth 1000 USD, but has become very famous by now... the fireplace I now will for sure not obtain and there for I just listed the items at my site.

Hope to lower the prices soon, but have to see what the contractor says.

Pfff... I hate it when they start calling me and I have to re-tell the whole day it is an incorrect story and that no postcard can ever be worth 250.000 USD...

The only good thing about the media is that ones they here the story is false they decide not to publish the story.

I was feeling bad about the whole thing from the moment the first newsarticle appeared and the contractor only claims he said that a Belgian collector was interested in the fireplace...
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