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Re: Two Towers 1st/1st?

Subject: Re: Two Towers 1st/1st?
by Deagol4 on 2008/10/14 11:37:26

Here is how to identify the printing in six steps:

1) (1st vs later) Check the title page. If 1955 appears, it is a 1st impression.

2) Check verso of title page. If it is blank except for 'Printed in Great Britain', or does not specifically state the impression number, go to Step 3. 7th-10th impressions have full A&U printing history. Later printings (11th-13th) have imp number and no date and 'Printed in the United States of America'.

3) (2nd & 3rd vs 4th or later) Check p.118/39. If the passage reads 'fire and flood' go to Step 4. If it reads 'fire and death' go to Step 5.

4) (2nd vs 3rd) Check the following: (1) p.19/page number: 19 > 1* (tail of '9' bent or clipped). (2) p.104/32: say: > say (colon lost). (3) p.104/33: Nine. > Nine: (colon replace period). (4) p.230/41: 'Not far > (indent reduced to match other lines). (5) p.263/9: said Sam > said Sam. (period added). Earlier reading is the 2nd imp, later reading is the 3rd impression. [There are some minor binding variants for these impressions, I can give you the info if you are really interested.]

5) (4th vs later) Check the following: (1) p.38/30: Mark > *ark ('M' left foot bent). (2) p.77/41: again > agai* ('n' top damaged). (3) p.164/2: Merry?' > Merry?* (quotation mark damaged). (4) p.170/3: in the third > in the second (type misaligned). 1st reading is the 4th imp. 2nd reading is later. If later go to Step 6.

6) (5th vs 6th): Check the following: (1) p.20/15: past > pas* (top of 't' damaged). (2) p.20/18: bring > *ring ('b' ascender damaged). (3) p.122./38: treasures > t*easures (first 'r' damaged). (4) p.137/24: weariness > *eariness ('w' right foot damaged). 1st reading is the 5th imp. 2nd reading is a 6th impression.

Hopefully this all makes sense!
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