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Re: Linguaphone Conversational Course English for sale

Subject: Re: Linguaphone Conversational Course English for sale
by Onónion on 2011/8/9 10:33:28

Hi there, Jan.

Firstly, thank you very much for that information. You are being extremely helpful, as I don't know very much about the Linguaphone sets.
Secondly, are you sure that every Dutch set had these five booklets? I have another, later variant of the Dutch set and this one has these five booklets:
- Grammaticaal supplement voor Nederlanders
- Conversatie-Cursus Engels Woordenlijst en Tekst van de Klankplaat
- Supplementair boekje ten gebruike van Hollandsche studeerenden
- Aantekeningen bij basic English for Dutch students (not really a booklet, but a set of twenty loose pages with different steps in the learning proces (with exercises etc.), don't think this came originally with the set)
- English by Radio: Engelse gesprekken voor beginners (BBC) (don't think that this booklet originally came with the set neither)

So both sets I own seem both incomplete
Are you sure that every set had five booklets? Not so long ago, I sold another set but that one also had only the three booklets that are in the set I've now put up for sale. And the set René has for sale at the Tolkienshop only has these three booklets too. Perhaps I should keep the set so I can compare with other sets when coming across them...
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