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Re: Linguaphone Course with Tolkien recording

Subject: Re: Linguaphone Course with Tolkien recording
by Trotter on 2009/9/13 0:45:33

I have done some more research into this and the digital copies of the sound recordings on the British Library web site are under copyright by the British Library and Linguaphone, the copyright on this digital recording runs out in 2059. As they own the copyright on this digital copy then they can restrict its use to streaming only. I wrote to the British Library and asked them to make it available for streaming outside of the UK and it looks like they have done that, you can stream it from the US at any rate now.

The interesting point as I made earlier is that the original 78 record from 1929 is out of copyright, under UK law it expired in 1979 fifty years after that recording was made, and because it is out of copyright anyone who has access to the original record can make copies including a digital copy. If this digital copy was assigned a license such as Creative Commons License then this copy could be made available to anyone and for instance hosted on archive.org or possibly on the Tolkien Collector's Guide

Is anyone on the board able to make a digital copy of these two tracks from the original 78?

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