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Re: Trade sword for History of Middle-Earth set.

Subject: Re: Trade sword for History of Middle-Earth set.
by Eric the Red on 2009/1/21 12:51:50

What I'm interested in most i suppose is the Houghton Mifflin Hardcovers (I want them all to line up nicely on the bookshelf and not be staggered much in highth, the H.M. are all around 8.5 inches), of course I want them to look good as well. Uniformity is the key. I would prefer dustjackets but realize folks will more easily part with their books that dont have them. Amazon and Ebay testify to that.

Retaining their collectability is not a HUGE factor to me since I intend to make them a kind of Family Hierloom out of them. The Middle-Earth saga's are dear to me and I feel that it is my obligation to pass them on to my children when they're of age.

About the cheapest I've been able to round up a bunch of them from various sources is $180.00, mixed and matched new and used. The value of the Sword of Strider and its scabbard far exeeds that. Its about almost even trade for the others. I'd just rather not part with the cash to actually buy the books unless thet were a package deal from one owner.

Thanks for asking,

Eric the Red
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