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Re: Trade sword for History of Middle-Earth set.

Subject: Re: Trade sword for History of Middle-Earth set.
by Urulöké on 2009/1/22 10:18:06

I have a couple of sets I'll sell for half that, if anyone is interested.

Seriously, though. There is a definite market for Fine/Near Fine sets of first impressions, with realized prices (as opposed to asking prices) in the multiple hundreds of dollars - falling recently I am sure, but sets seem to go in the $300-$750 range depending on condition and other factors.

Sets can be obtained for a lot less than that, if you are not interested in first impressions. A lot of the books are still available new from wholesale channels. I just did a spot check in Baker and Taylor (big US wholesaler), and they have a copy of each of BoLT I and II on hand for booksellers to order. You should be able to put together a complete set of new or near new for $100-$200 or even less if you are a careful shopper. A complete set of UK paperbacks runs about the same, mostly due to the exchange rate and how expensive paperbacks are over there.

For the, um, discriminating collector (another word occurred to me but this is a G rated site) the holy grail of the US HOME firsts are the Book of Lost Tales I copies that were printed in the UK - the first four thousand sets of sheets were imported. The other sheets were printed in the USA. There are surprisingly few of these in good shape floating around, as it seems that a large number were used as review copies or library copies, just based on anecdotal evidence and copies I have personally seen or handled.
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