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Re: The Wonders of eBay

Subject: Re: The Wonders of eBay
by Beren on 2013/1/5 16:27:49

Well they were allowed to be produced and were allowed to be sold by The Tolkien Estate... not only one time time but two times. Also they were being sold to people from the Tolkien Society and even better all profits were used to give a present to Christopher Tolkien, who also accepted a copy (think also Priscilla but not certain - writing out of memory here). I still have the small three booklets of the first publication and the later one single volume.

Not all copies sold, or were bound, so one day one clever bookseller saw a chance to bind them and sell them. This was however stopped by the Tolkien Estate, since indeed he did not have a permission to do so. It is a good thing that they can allow and can stop things to happen. But it is unfair to say that there was no permission to produce or sell the book when there was indeed permission to do so... just because of what happened many many years later. Please inform yourselves a little. The ins and outs are quit important especially when speaking about people who are around and did so much for the Tolkien fan community and society.
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