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Re: The Wonders of eBay

Subject: Re: The Wonders of eBay
by Mfaith on 2012/1/29 5:32:08

Stu, if that's a name, I'm not knowingly aware of inaccuracy I've posted, but I can say that many so called facts in the Tolkien book world aren't. It is simply because someone well known has said so and it can't be disproved. However if someone has taken some offense at one of my listings they should contact me so I can discuss it, not post derogatory public remarks about people behind their back. This is cowardly, childish and quite frankly this has no place in the Tolkien community. I am sick and tired of the behavior of many fans whom I find an insult to the memory of the great man. Many people agree with me and share the concern the future of Tolkien fandom is in question with this kind of childish behavior going on. While you may think its fair game to insult a seller or any person in public, I think it reflects badly on the person making the comments, not their target. Its actually not funny or humorous and it makes you look like an ass. I have complained to the owner of this site about the posts about me and I intend to make public that this sort of thing is going on here, not for my sake, but for the integrity of the Tolkien fan community which is in decline. Its always the little people, with little minds and little lives that have to bring down the endeavours of others to make themselves feel better. I'm sure the owner of this site didn't intend it be used for the exchanges I've seen here. They should take note as it does not reflect well on them or their business. I have made some public comments over some recent news in the community as people need to be aware of the facts and truth, for the sake of the Tolkien community. This doesn't mean childish insults and unfounded opinions from people who clearly have little else to do with their time.
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