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Re: The Wonders of eBay

Subject: Re: The Wonders of eBay
by Mfaith on 2012/1/29 7:42:50

Please don't feign innocence, you only dig yourself in deeper. I refer to other comments you have made about me in threads on this site. Its seems you find any of my posts on the internet "mildly irritating" Do you call this "living in peace" you hypocrite? if you are going to dish it out, prepare to get it back tenfold. However, going after a soft-targets like Ruth and Alex really pisses me off and shows what an ass you are. They don't make money out of their books, the circulation is too small. They have devoted their time to Tolkien societies and events probably before you were born. They are truly kind welcoming people and the right sort of fan. They do it all for the love of Tolkien. Anyone who knows them will forgive them an indiscretion. Tolkien book fandom is in declined because younger generations don't read. They prefer to watch films which takes far less effort on the limited grey cells. If you don;t care about the decline of Tolkien fandom, then why waste your valuable time on a Tolkien site like this? My comment stands, you obviously don't have much else to do with your life.
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