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Re: The Wonders of eBay

Subject: Re: The Wonders of eBay
by Beren on 2013/1/6 6:11:23

I believe Garm that you are indeed well informed about these books and probably have the original hand-outs that tells all about these Alex Lewis editions.

There is however a lot of judging going on here on these boards. A lot of things are being said here without looking into it deeper - or even just out of 'we don't like this - so all is bad attitude'. (this is not you or anyone else I'm talking about Garm, it is the feeling I get when reading many posts,...).

Like whenever the name 'Tale of Gondolin' is mentioned there is a lot of "boooh' screaming going on. Ok, maybe it is a fan piece and maybe most don't like it, and some even know about 'reviewing your own books' story, but back then it was well known that all profit made from these books was used to present a gift to Christopher Tolkien. Anyways,.. you know all that and a lot has changed since then. For example Priscilla Tolkien does no longer come to Oxonmoot and you can only contact Tolkien Estate to obtain permissions.

As for seeking permissions... this board is one of the most beautiful examples of not seeking permission to publish or reproduce unpublished material on a regular basis. So far as I know, I have been in constant contact with the Tolkien Estate to seek permissions to reproduce things for my website and aiding others to receive permissions to get things published (Oliphaunt print, 3-minute Tolkien, Frisian and Marathi translations, The Inklings of Oxford, Cor Blok, ... ). Sometimes it works out and sometimes not.

For example it was not my site who published the English translation of the Christopher Tolkien interview from le Monde, since we did not obtain permissions. A lot of work was done by some of the better translators in the field of Tolkien (still thanking them for all the effort and time), but we did not get permission... so were sad to see someone else to publish a translation. We did not complain or make public shouts about it, we did not even doubt publicly if the other person who published it did have permission or not. Maybe they had obtained permission after all? We cannot know...

And I have indeed had some cases where I was contacted by the Tolkien Estate to remove something (like for example a cover from Children of Hurin, an article that I was not allowed to sell / promote, ... ) and I did so right away.

No person is perfect and sometimes makes a mistake. I'm not here to defend myself or to judge anyone (I even hate to have to write this answer here). I'm here to discuss about my love for Tolkien books and collecting. I only notice a very black & white mentality and there is no need for that. We are all here because we love all things Tolkien! I hope we can agree to that?!
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