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Re: The Wonders of eBay

Subject: Re: The Wonders of eBay
by Khamûl on 2013/1/6 8:31:23

I don't recall any particular negative comment on these boards in regard to Lewis's Gondolin (etc.), other than to point the obvious --that it's fan fiction. For that reason alone some probably find it unworthy of collecting. Personally I'm quite interested in reading it, but don't really want to spend hundreds of pounds to do so.

As for publishing/reproducing unpublished material here --I assume you're referring to Tolkien letters only, as I don't recall any other instance of the board posting unpublished Tolkien material; except (although not Tolkien) when Deagol posted material from The Tolkien Collector, which Findegil promptly brought to his attention.

In regard to letters, there is no breach of copyright (is there?) in reproducing & discussing images of letters; images which are already available online for the purpose of selling the item shown. If there is, then it's a technical breach that is flouted (& goes unchallenged) by everyone, from Sotheby's to Tolkien Library --or anyone else who shows an image of a letter they're selling. Either way, if there is any breach, it is by those selling the item (since there is financial gain to be made from the promotion of the letter's contents), not those discussing the item i.e. academic/educational discussion & all that.

Aside from this, I think you're missing the point if you conflate the discussion (of information/images/material) on these boards (which are for no other purpose besides gaining greater knowledge of Tolkien & Tolkien publications) with information/images/material appearing on sites promoting merchandise; books or otherwise. This is a line: not drawn by me, but drawn by the law. I think the distinction is pretty clear. Whether one agrees with it is a separate matter entirely.

I agree with you regarding things being painted too black & white, up to a point. However, in this particular case, I believe garm draws his views & conclusions from a position of enviable knowledge. He's about as informed as you could be in this instance.

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