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Re: The Wonders of...

Subject: Re: The Wonders of...
by Trotter on 2013/4/30 12:26:11

Morgan wrote:
Concerning the framed letter: I was quickly glancing at newly listed Tolkien items at eBay and saw this sale. After just reading the title, checking the seller's feedback and quickly looking at the photos, I instantly proceeded to make a purchase, suspecting everybody here would soon be trying to get their hands on a rare gem (and that each second therefore was of vital importance). My heart was beating fast (hoping for a lucky find), while something in the back of my head was poking "go back and carefully read the auction details", which to my later great horror said "note: this is a reprint" and that 4 copies were available. Luckily (and kindly) the seller just now refunded my money -- although I would in any case have sent the item back.

And yes, Trotter, this is certainly a case of trying to make money out of Tolkien which would require the Estate's permission (and I doubt they would give permission for something like this).

Probably not going to be a rare gem for "US $69.00 Approximately £44.53" and one sold (or probably not).

Obviously I also looked at buying this gem before everybody else on the board, but decided against it
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